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About the Programme

The 2023-24 weekly programme – Speakers, Workshops, Feedback Nights – will begin on Wednesday 6th September 2023 at the Mercure Hotel in Ayr.
VISITORS are welcome to join us on any of night (up to 3 during the year, £3 each), as taster-sessions. And, if you decide you’d like to join us, your paid visitor fees will be deducted from the year’s membership fee. Please use the Contact Us link HERE to book your place.

Nights at Ayr Writers’ Club

Ayr Writers’ Club exists to encourage and develop the art of writing in all its forms. We hope to stimulate interest in many genres, provide structured support for those who wish to develop their skills, and the opportunity for members to bring work to the group for constructive feedback.

As such, our evenings at the club generally fall into one of four categories – Speaker, Workshop, Feedback and Club Night.

Workshops for each genre are usually led by club members with particular skills, interests, and successes, in those areas. Club Nights are fun evenings playing writing-type games – imagination, humour, plenty of twists and turns, are plentiful on these nights.

There is also a Club Competition for each genre, to encourage members to produce a completed piece of writing, to a deadline, and within a given set of parameters. This is motivational and fun, as well as helping members prepare for allied competitions (such as those organised by the Scottish Association of Writers) and for publication.

Competitions are entered anonymously and judged by either visiting speakers or experienced club members.

Club nights fall into three categories: Speaker, Workshop and Feedback sessions.

We cover several genres: Short Stories, Novels, Non-Fiction, Book Reviews, Articles, Children’s, Poetry, Flash Fiction and Scripts.

Our programme of Guest Speakers for 2023-24 is now confirmed. Check out the established writers and publishers who will inspire, entertain and inform. Visitors are very welcome!

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