Why I Joined


"I joined the club to learn how to tell my story in writing, but I found more than that. I found support, friendship, inspiration, motivation and even a trophy and a book deal!"


"Feedback, encouragement and deadlines: I needed them all to maintain some momentum for my writing after moving up to Scotland over eight years ago. On its website, Ayr Writers’ Club appeared to offer it all, with a diverse programme, a range of competitions and members who were willing to share their experience and advice. Here was the chance to write outside my comfort zone. The club hasn’t failed to deliver."


"Joining AWC has been the best decision I have made in years. To be encouraged by so many experienced writers, to find out about a range of competitions and writing opportunities, and to be inspired at workshops, has spurred me into action. It’s all happening at Ayr Writers Club."


"After years of havering, I finally gulped down my nervousness and went along to a meeting at Ayr Writer’s Club and the only question I have now is, “Why did I take so long?” Everyone has been so welcoming and generous with their feedback and encouragement, which any aspiring writer needs. The talks from established, published writers even encouraged me to enter a couple of the club competitions. If you’ve got the writing bug but are gripped by self-doubt (believe me I know!), come along to a meeting and you’ll find a welcoming community of fellow writers!"


"I joined Ayr Writers’ Club in 2010 and it was one of the best decisions I ever made. Having known of the club’s existence for many years, I finally plucked up the courage to walk through the door, and found a very warm welcome. What’s good about the club? – ENCOURAGEMENT – to be adventurous and try something new. VARIETY – no two weeks are ever the same. INSPIRATION – from hearing invited speakers, or from other members’ successes."


I didn’t realise when I joined Ayr Writers Club how accomplished many of the members are, and how well run the club is. I was amazed at the quality of speakers the committee found to deliver workshops on a wide range of writing genres. Married with the regular competitions, camaraderie, openness, and willingness to share knowledge, the club provides an ideal environment for any writer to grow, learn and achieve their writing goals. With all the support, I was able to realise a long held ambition of writing my first novel.


"Being a member of AWC has been extremely beneficial. Not just for the sound and supportive advice given on my writing, but also for the many friends I have made over the years."


"I first attended the club as a guest on success night, over 20 years ago. I intended writing for children but followed club advice to try all genres. My first success was an article that went on to be published twice after advice from other members on target publications. Writers are the most generous of beings, happy to share success and encourage others to target the same markets. I may dabble in other genres but non-fiction is my favourite."


"I joined the club for help on writing my novel and to meet other like-minded people. I’ve learned much more than I signed up for and met some lovely new friends. The club is good fun, with helpful workshops, and has a good selection of speakers. In addition, it has very supportive members who encourage all to become published writers."


"I was very impressed by the programme. It happened to be Crime Month with speaker, Alex Gray, one week and two ex-police Serious Crime Officers, the next. I was hooked, not only by the very useful insights gained for writing, but also the friendly welcome of inclusion. I officially joined AWC the following season."


" I joined the club to – further explore my love of writing, hopefully improve my skills, meet others with the same objectives and, at the same time, have fun. I started writing in 2008 and had a lot to learn. I look forward in particular to the club’s workshops and speakers’ evenings. "


"I wanted to join the club for years, however, I never quite got there! The fact that I am able to participate online as well is wonderful. I appreciate the comments given by club members and I enjoy reading what they have written. I have had lots of ‘verse’ published over the years (I don’t presume that it is poetry, as some of it was nonsense)."