Carolyn O’Hara’s Collaboration with Ayrshire Chamber of Commerce Encourages a New Generation of Writers

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AWC received a request from AYRSHIRE CHAMBER OF COMMERCE looking for someone with experience of writing and publishing, to provide information about the skills involved via a video presentation to be used in North Ayrshire secondary schools. The aim is to demonstrate the link between English literacy skills as currently taught, and the world of work. With experience of both areas, Carolyn O’Hara agreed to undertake the project on behalf of the club.

The fifteen-minute presentation, called WRITERS’ TOOLKIT, has now been filmed and will be shared to schools via YouTube, along with similar contributions from other worlds of work. In it, Carolyn encouraged students to use their English course to build skills in written and verbal communication, whether in short form, such as pitching, or longer form.  

An outline was provided of the skills writers need to use day-to-day including -organising, researching, note taking, planning, summarising, structuring, writing to deadlines and within word counts, avoiding cliches, using imagination and rhetorical techniques, as well as proof reading for spelling, punctuation and clarity of expression, not to forget reading work aloud.

Overall, although there was encouragement and advice for those budding, young writers out there, to take the plunge, there was also an emphasis on the tools pupils can learn from English that will be useful, no matter what ambitions they possess.

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