Achilles Heel – Your Stalker Solution – A Novel by Eddie J. Phillips

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The main theme of this, my first novel, is a woman who is plagued by a stalker.

The person in question has now began to move from an aggravation to a nuisance to a threat to her person. She has been to the police to no avail. After a particularly frightening incident and in despair, a taxi driver overhears her and offers her a card “ACHILLES HEEL – YOUR STALKER SOLUTION” with a freephone number on it. Another incident is the straw breaking the camel’s back after which she phones them. Then it all kicks off.

“Achilles Heel” is a clandestine organisation existing in the shadows of society, well financed and expertly organised with the mission to get stalkers to desist or face stark and embarrassing consequences. Colleen, the stalkers’ victim has had “Achilles Heel” involved but as he clearly is incapable of getting the message they set up a “sting” operation which publicly exposes him, makes him the subject of Social Media viral posts and also of a major TV channel. He appears to be shafted. The stalker having discarded an important piece of paper at the “sting” is unaware it is now in the hands of someone who is able to both decipher it and follow it up.

“Achilles Heel – Your Stalker Solution” is a story of determination in the face of overwhelming difficulties. The characters hopefully bring out many different emotions in the reader and the desire for those least worthy to get their comeuppance is in the end granted to the audience. It is a study in human beings as well as in our degenerating modern society.

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