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AWC Trophy Night Readings – Club Competition Winners – 24th April 2024 

 An eagerly anticipated evening in the calendar saw Club Competition Winners invited to read out their successful pieces.  

Eleven competitions in the 2023-2024 season covered a variety of genres, each with its own adjudicator(s), providing invaluable group and individual critiques. 

Children’s Fiction 

  • Thomas Malloch clinched first place with The Nightmares of Sawney Bean, a poignant piece about a boy dealing with loss and change after his father was killed in an accident, resulting in the family relocating to Scotland. 

 Dramatic Monologue 

  • Greta Yorke was awarded first place for Last Anniversary, a heart-wrenching memory of a traumatic event and a loving reunion, though all is not what it seems. 

 Women’s Magazine Short Story 

  • Carolyn O’Hara earned third place with In at The Deep End, a comforting story of a grandmother’s day at the pool with her grandson, as she overcomes her fear with compassionate encouragement. 
  • Thomas Malloch secured first place with No Such Thing as a Free Takeaway, a witty exploration of modern dating and the enigma of unexpected generosity.


  • Nigel Ward’s A Flash of Gold in the Wing, won first place, offering a beautiful piece about transformation written from a non-human perspective. 
  • Damaris West’s Sea Glass, was awarded third place, is an exquisitely succinct piece, describing the ocean and its treasures, with intensity of imagery and emotion. 

 Flash Fiction 

  • Kirsty Hammond’s The Keeper of the Heads, emerged as winner in this category with a visceral depiction of medieval times.   

 General Non-Fiction 

  • Chris Palmer gained first place with A day at the Coast, an account brimming with nostalgia, yet closing with the poignancy and candid reflection on family bonds.

 Book Review 

  • Marion Husband was highly commended for her critique of Shrines of Gaiety, by Kate Atkinson, set in the roaring 20s, serving a reckless cocktail of crime, romance and satire. 

 100-Word Drabble 

  • Dawn Cuthbertson took third place with Whispers of the Baobhan Sith, a glimpse into the seductive but deadly allure of the Scottish mythological female vampire fairy. 
  • Damaris West clinched a well-deserved first place in the 100-Word Drabble, with her enchantingly written Umbrian Summers, invoking enchanting images and delighting the senses.  

 General Short Story 

  • Matt Richardson earned first place with Navvy’s Bargain, an intriguing telling of a ghost story, resulting in menacing horror.  

 Crime Novel 

  • Fiona Johnson, awarded first place for The Motorway Murders, draws us into the world of DI Sarah Connell, as her mounting case load of unsolved, horrifically violent murders

 Non-Fiction Article 

  • Louise Cawson gained third place for The Wonders of the Waverley, a tribute to the past, present and future of the last sea-going paddle steamer in the world. 

 Children’s Fiction 

  • Susan McVey took third place with Ginny Ducker and the Clava Cairn Keys, amystical casket, magic keys and a morphing creature-man appear in this exciting fantasy adventure.  

 As a thoroughly enjoyable and inspirational evening drew to a close, winners were congratulated, and competition entrants given thanks for their contributions.  

The breadth and depth of the pieces tonight, proved once again, that AWC is an eclectic group, positively brimming with talent.  

Louise Cawson & Fiona Johnson



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