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The gloriously sunny evening in May, saw a glamourous gathering of the Ayr Writers group come together, to eat, drink and celebrate success. In a lovely room in the Carlton hotel in Prestwick, a pleasing din filled the space as fellow members, friends, laughed and chatted pre dinner. Raffle tickets were purchased as the table of prizes grew.

Nigel rapped the gavel on this, his last evening, to call us all to dinner and a beautiful 3 course meal was enjoyed by all. Post dinner, the excitement was tangible as all prepared for the awards ceremony. Lights dimmed, camera lens sharpened, and we began. With Nigel as master of ceremonies, we were in safe hands as we all shared and delighted in the successes amongst the group. It’s fair to say Matt almost needed a wheelbarrow to take all his awards home.

Nigel gave a heartfelt and very touching leaving speech, welcoming the new presidents Linda Brown and Carrie Watts. Perhaps a little painful to give the gavel away but happy to see the club in such safe hands. Nigel recognised the clubs outstanding achievements at SAW, as an indicator of the talent and success within the group.

As a new era dawns, Carrie gave a few words of appreciation for Nigel, marking his dedication and hard work in keeping the power of writing going, Carrie went onto present Nigel with a gift of thanks.  Linda also spoke and thanked Nigel for his support in taking over the role, as well as thanking all members of the committee. Rounds of applause resonated.


Carolyn then presided over the raffle, going round the table for members to draw the winning tickets.  Lovely, thoughtful gifts were won by many different members.

A very successful evening, thoroughly enjoyed by all who attended. Superbly organised and executed. We all look forward to the next session proper in September and a reminder of the zoom read arounds which will run throughout the summer.

Finally, it was time to go home with the sky dark and stars twinkling. A lovely night, celebrating individual successes but more the strength of the club itself.


Laura Wardrop



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