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Carolyn’s ‘Scottish Memories’ Success

I’m very excited! Why, oh why, I hear you ask.  Well, I’m about to see my writing in print and be paid for it, for the very first time.

Some of you may recall that during the last session of Ayr Writers’ Club, I composed a poem on a subject very close to my heart: Ayr Civic Theatre.  Thanks to members’ feedback and enthusiasm, I was encouraged to revisit it and flesh it out, creating an article instead.  I then plucked up the courage to submit the idea to Matt Hill, the editor of SCOTTISH MEMORIES.  Having an archive of photos and memorabilia, connected with the opening of the theatre in 1951, no doubt counted in my favour, and much to my surprise and delight, my proposal was accepted.

It will appear later this month in the October Issue, and today I have learned that, in an effort to boost circulation, contributors are being offered free copies for friends and family…. so form an orderly queue now, and thanks for your support!

Carolyn O’Hara

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