Marion Husband’s Competition-Winning Children’s Story Snapped up for International Publication

Ayr Writers’ Club Membership Secretary, Marion Husband, has had the most extraordinary year. A last-minute, half-hearted decision to add a children’s short story to the Scottish Association of Writers national Under 7s Short Story Competition in January 2020, has brought the type of success writers often dream of.

Competition adjudicator, Sarah Grace, just loved Marion’s story, saying at the time –

“Fantastically written story, it won my heart immediately. Really, really pleased to say it did have the humour and it did have a lovely lovely moral. Really simple, effective message, about granny going to visit a little boy and knitting him hats and socks galore. It rhymed beautifully, had a lovely pace, and it was just delightful how it depicted the simplicity of the relationship between the granny and the grandchild. Just simple and lovely language, very simple for the age group. I was very pleased to be able to read your story.” – Sarah Grace, Adjudicator

and awarded Marion the First Place Prize in the Under 7s Short Story Competition.

Scroll forward two months and Sarah, the owner of Sarah Grace Publishing, approached Marion with a publishing offer for, not only the UK market, but the USA one as well.

And what a whirlwind it’s been since then. There’s been titles to approve – Granny Came to Visit for the British release, Grandma Came to Visit for the American – illustrations to consider, interviews to be had, publication runs to contract.

But what a result – a beautiful children’s book for ages 3-5 years, with the very best of messages.

It’s widely available – through Waterstones HERE, Amazon HERE, and many independent retailers.






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