Explore Govan – A Walking Guide Book by Marion C. Husband

Ayr Writers’ Club member, and Membership Secretary, Marion Husband’s recent book publication, Explore Govan, is a fantastic walking guide through Govan’s weaving streets and spaces.

It’s a chance to properly explore the significance of the historic sites, the very old buildings, dotted on every corner of this much-loved Glasgow annex.

With a numbered street map to help, and 46 places of interest plotted out in an easy-to-follow guide, locals and visitors alike will be fascinated by the depth of knowledge, the en-route bygone photography, that fills this delightful little travel book.


Start at map position No.1 perhaps – Govan Subway – take your time, enjoy the recently erected statue of Mary Barbour, political activist, famed for her involvement in the Glasgow Rent Strikes of 1915. Read the accompanying Explore Govan text which will tell you exactly why Mary remains, to this day, a working class heroine in Govan, and beyond.

Walk your way past the ornate Aitken Memorial Fountain at No.6. It takes pride of place on the could-be-any-city-in-the-world book cover.

Stroll down Golspie Street, where the Victorian Salvation Army building eyes up the modern architecture of brightly-coloured flats across the way.

Stop a while at the Old Govan Arms pub, No.21, the one in which Leo Blair (father of Prime Minister Tony Blair) was brought up. Have a drink, or two.

Perfectly refreshed, travel on to seek out the site of the long-gone Steamie, No.39 – Govan Public Baths and Wash House. See what’s there now.

And before you go, don’t forget to take a look down Govan Road – the very place that himself, Sir Alex Ferguson, grew up. Now the site of the new fire station, but forever a part of social history.


“I particularly love Marion’s tenacity contacting Sir Alex Ferguson, requesting his permission to use an old photograph she’d found online of a very youthful Alex taken during his Govan childhood in her book – only for Sir Alex to ask her for a copy of the photo (which he’d never seen before) for himself. Priceless.” – Linda Brown


“The elements of Govan’s history that Marion has covered are clear, concise, and ideal for anyone wishing to visit Govan’s many historic spots.” – Ian McCracken MCLIP, Honorary Member, Chartered Institute of Library and Informational Professionals, Scotland


“The spirit of Govan still exists. This book is dedicated to each and every Govanite; be proud and share the heritage of Govan far and wide.” – M.C. Husband


For copies of Explore GovanA Walking Guide of Govan’s Heritage by Foot or From Afar. please see Marion on any club night, or order direct from Amazon at www.amazon.co.uk

3 thoughts on “Explore Govan – A Walking Guide Book by Marion C. Husband”

  1. Great book for Govan interests for All…short, brief full of facts and beautiful pictures of old Govan back then and today . Take the tour buy a copy!

  2. So many landmarks and statues I walked past as a child and knew not of them. Nice to see my old house; the top flat in Shaw Street, where I spent my early years.

    Thank you for such an educational walking tour Marion. I just got the book this week, now my 86 year-old neighbour is reading it.

    I wonder if there will be a tribute in Govan one day for Dame Elish Angiolini, the Govan lass who rose up on the right side of the law.

    Elish Angiolini – Wikipedia

    BBC Radio 4 – Desert Island Discs, Dame Elish Angiolini

    1. Many thanks for your kind comments Jim. Glad you enjoyed the book, it was so much fun researching it.

      The inspiration came from taking my late mother trips down memory lane to Govan.

      Hope your neighbour enjoys it too.

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