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Greta’s ‘Scottish Memories’ Success

Let it be known that I’ve been press-ganged into writing this by Mrs Janice Johnston!
I would like to tell all those who have not yet experienced it just how good it feels to see your work in print – it’s AMAZING!

I enjoy writing poetry and children’s stories but have always backed away from ‘articles’.  However Frances and Sheila keep telling us to write articles so I decided to have a go.  It had to be something I felt I knew about and it came to me while on holiday last year in the sun-drenched Dordogne.
Earlier in the year I had travelled ‘home’ to Dunoon to meet my friends. I was on my own and wandered around the pier reminiscing and taking photos before I set off for my friend’s house.

Maybe the French sunshine reminded me of those endless sunny days of childhood, prompting me to start writing an article about my childhood experience on the pier.

The article had good feedback from the SAW ‘Scottish Article competition so I tweaked it and wrote asking ‘Scottish Memories’ if they’d be interested in it.  They told me to send them the article and when I did they replied that they would like to publish it – much to my amazement.
What a thrill to see the magazine on the shelves two months later with a front page mention of my article.  So listen to Club advice and get cracking!

Greta Yorke

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