Labour of Change – from the Audience

Last Thursday evening Catherine Lang and I went along to the Market Inn in Ayr to watch a performance of Chris Taylor’s play “Labour of Change”. Chris, formerly the Artistic Director of the Ayrshire Youth Theatre, is now co founder of the Hipshot Theatre Company.  Joining him on stage in the production were Cameron Seaward, who has twice performed in The Crucible and Great Expectations, Lindsay Thorburn (Director and Educationalist lecturer in Performing Arts), Canadian actress Carmen Belanger, Director and Presenter of “Scotland Talks” Eileen Frater and our own Lesley Deschner, who despite only having a week to rehearse the part and having other acting commitments in the “Holy Fair”, gave a very convincing portrayal of the midwife.
The play follows the chaotic lives of Ricky, Gino and Susan who all share a flat together. Ricky (Chris) is a gifted artist who can only create his masterpieces when either drunk or high on drugs while Gino (Cameron) has the worry of making a success from three restaurants he has inherited from his late father, and Susan (Lindsay) is busy trying to establish a business in jewellery making. 
This thought provoking play was brilliantly acted and so skilfully written that the ending came as a real surprise. 
Well done to all involved in the production and thank you for an enjoyable and entertaining evening.  

Helena Sheridan

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