“Labour of Change”- My Experience

I’ve been involved in amateur dramatics since secondary school and have performed for the Scottish Youth Theatre, Symington Drama Club and at the Holy Fair in Mauchline for many years.
Naturally, when I received a call from Lindsay Thorburn asking if I would be interested in taking on the role of “Caroline” in a new play by Chris Taylor (the original “Caroline” having failed to appear for rehearsals), I jumped at the chance.  I had a week and a half to rehearse with a cast and crew who had been rehearsing for months, and I admit I felt nervous.
I have worked with Chris, Lindsay and Cameron (the other principal) previously and they very quickly made me feel a part of Hipshot Theatre, the company of which Chris is the Co-Founder.
The play is very visual and requires a great deal of setting up and several energetic bodies behind the scenes to keep everything moving smoothly.  I have gained an enormous amount of information from observing how it all works.  As a writer, anything that improves or enhances my work is a bonus.
Being a last-minute addition to the cast meant that I avoided the technical and artistic tensions that are part of such a production.  Theatre folk are a breed apart and I am privileged to have worked with such a friendly and talented team.

(click onto www.hipshottheatre.co.ukfor more info and photos of the play)

Lesley Deschner

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