Readaround at Carolyn’s house

Ayr Writers’ travelled from afar, heading aimlessly (no that’s a cliché), to Carolyn’s house. (Well it’s not aimlessly if we knew where we were going! Oops no need for an exclamation mark). No these were not the points raised at this week’s readaround but it’s what to expect if you come along with something you have written and are looking for feedback from both new and experienced writers.

If you’ve written a fantastic story and can’t stand for it to be criticized, don’t bring it to us, show it to your mammy instead. However, if you genuinely want help to see your work in print, on the stage or on the telly, then Ayr Writers’ Club is definitely the place to be. You can be guaranteed fair, honest, constructive feedback and can even expect praise and encouragement, highlighting your strengths.

Tim had a strong piece of writing where his character was ‘stripped’ down in his short story telling a ‘bear’ truth which caused much controversy. It was decided it was a well written piece despite its ‘grizzly’ detail.

Pat’s short story, was also well written but her ‘weel fired rolls’ had us wondering what she was really talking about. And her big reveal at the end caused another opportunity for the listeners to chip in with their views on the subject matter. It was decided to move on before the conversation got too heavy.

Jennifer’s cleverly disguised addiction to plastic substances had us all discussing a suitable title for her ‘trip’ down memory lane. And, no, this story was not related to Carolyn’s earlier request for bubble wrap. That mystery continues.

Martin’s crime novel is moving along with an introduction to an SSB, raising the question, ‘What the cocky looking guy was talking about.’ When Martin told me the book title was ‘pending’, I paused for a moment to question whether gullible really was a word in the dictionary.

Carolyn’s gift for words and her ability to have many pieces published in magazines came across when she read a heart-warming tale about a widower’s attempts to re-build his life. Nevertheless, Carolyn didn’t get off easily either without discussion. Some ideas were suggested for possible amendments to her masterpiece.

The good thing about these readarounds, it is the writer’s choice whether to keep or disregard the suggestions and I’m sure both observers and contributors will agree it was an entertaining evening, listening to the work of others. And as usual, the coffee and treats made the night.

Oh, I forgot to mention one other piece of writing, Ghost Gang, which was bloody brilliant, written by Gail McPartland and Barbara Stevenson… well you did ask me to write the blog.

Gail McPartland

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