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Summer Read-around 7th June 2023

Inspiration and Imagination.

Seven dedicated writers ignored the temptations of a sunny seat in their gardens or a sunset paddle doon the shore. Instead, they polished up their work-in-progress, booted up their laptops and put on their best Zoom faces for our first summer readaround of 2023.

So, what did we share? We heard a gentle short story like a modern folk tale, a chapter from a starry sci-fi young adult novel, an extract from a fantasy novel for middle grade children, and a humorous memoir piece – all before we drew breath and had a cup of tea.

This was followed by a quirky flash fiction, a chapter from another magical, children’s novel (age 8+) and an extract from a modern crime novel.

Feedback, as usual, was positive and constructive. We praised vivid descriptions and excellent characterisation. Discussed the benefits of writing in first person present tense, and how to show a character’s emotions. Chatted about where our ideas came from. Publishing and competition options were suggested. And we attempted to assist with ‘saggy middles’, a common novel writing dilemma.

All in all, a productive and encouraging evening showcasing our talented members’ inspirations and imaginations.

Linda Brown

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