Thirteen Drabblers Compete for Glory and Book Tokens – 20 April 2022

On Wednesday night, AWC members far and wide Zoomed in for our second annual Drabble Competition. Thirteen intrepid writers answered the call to write a story in exactly 100 words on the theme of ‘Success.’

Our judges once again came from the SAW Council. President Wendy Jones, Club Development Sheena McLeod and our very own Janice Johnston, Competition Secretary. Fiona Atchison was our host for the evening, and after pulling names out of a hat to determine the running order, we were off.

First up was Matt with his piece Poise and Preparation, about what success means during end-of-life care and how it differs from other medical settings.

I was next with Salt and Pepper, a bad date that the protagonist deemed a success just by it happening.

Jeanette read The Most Successful Sock Snatcher in Town, a humorous piece with a well-delivered punchline.

Next up was Jean with Waiting for Nature, a lovely story about waiting for tadpoles to arrive in a pond.

Damaris read Eureka, about a man arrested under the Public Nudity Act under Hiero the Second’s reign in Syracuse. Did you guess who he was?

A little bit of Burns was brought to the evening by Thomas with Man to Man, the world o’er shall brothers be. A down-on-his-luck protagonist waits in line in a shop, wondering if the shopkeeper will accept a Scottish tenner.

Nigel read Perspectives on the Varying Nature of Success, a story about how a protagonist’s dreams of what their life and parenthood would be changed over time.

Fiona M gave us Just Another Job, from the view of a soldier with a surprise twist none of us saw coming.

Then Maggie read Conversations in the Time of Corded Phones, about a woman turning a joke around on her friend’s husband.

In Linda’s Your Five a Day, the protagonist is trying decide what fruit to pick, but all is not what it seems.

Rose gave us The Outcome. A despondent patient sees a jovial doctor about why she is still suffering after what should be good news.

Tony read Racket Man, where a school football team’s success rests on the shoulders of a boy who prefers racket sports.

Finally, Greta gave us The Inquisition. The protagonist is being grilled under pressure, but who are the interrogators?

After a brief deliberation, the judges came with their decision, which they said was even tougher than last year due to the high standard of writing.

In third place was Fiona, winning an £8 book token.

Second was Jeanette, winning a £12 book token.

And in first place, winning a trophy and a £15 book token, was Matt.

Congratulations to our very worthy winners!

The evening was sponsored by Fiona and her daughter’s company, Little Bundle Box Thank you, Fiona, for your generosity and hosting a very enjoyable evening.

Kirsty Hammond

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