Writing Prompt First

This is my first blog post so I thought I’d take first as the first writing prompt. By the time you get to my age there aren’t that many first times so you tend to take note of them.
A youngster will have lots of firsts every day but as we become more experienced, the firsts tend to dwindle away.
What firsts have you had lately?
What firsts will your character have to deal with? Often, partners will have set roles – one will deal with insurance claims and check the car is licensed while the other  will sort dripping taps and and hang wallpaper. But what happens if they split up? Can they each deal with the other’s responsibilities for the first time?
Maybe there are silly little things one partner does every day that the other wouldn’t even attempt, and vice versa.
What about some exotic firsts? I wouldn’t mind having my first balloon ride or first scuba dive.
What if your character has a first normally experienced when much younger – and adult with measles or first love in their forties, perhaps? Why didn’t it happen at an earlier time?
I’ve already had an idea for a first story, let’s see what you can come up with.


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