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Writing Prompt – Lost …and Found

Last weekend my son had a party. Since we live in the country with no public transport within walking distance, a large proportion of them stayed overnight. Next morning, after dishing out lots of bacon butties and running quite a few carloads  to the nearest bus stop, I began to tidy up.
The deflated air mattress I could understand but who takes a golf umbrella to a party and then forgets to take it home? The guitar, too, was easily explained but how do you get home without your shoes? (A rather smart pair of grey ankle boots.)
Check out this site to see what’s been left on  flights.
Birmingham Library had a sort out in preparation for a move to a new site. They found a significant collection of silent movie music.
So, what’s been lost? Or found? What’s the story behind the loss? Was it deliberately left somewhere? Has it been taken and abandoned by someone else? Has someone been looking for it for hours … or years? Is the item valuable or only valuable to the owner? What’s the relationship between the loser and the finder? Has it been found before but the significance of the item not realised? How does the finder react?
Lots of questions, see if you can find the answers!
Janice Johnston

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