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Writing Prompt – Museum of Broken Relationships

Isn’t that a brilliant title?
This is a genuine museum.

I have written about this museum before but it has become topical again since the touring exibition has opened in London for a few weeks.

“A museum dedicated to broken hearts has recently been founded in Croatia. Author’s of the concept Olinka Vištica and Drazen Grubišić decided to to set up the museum after consoling friends over their failed romances.

The museum has everything from romantic and touching letters to different gifts given to lovers like teddy bears and photos, but also such unusual examples as leg prothesis donated by a war veteran who fell in love with his
physiotherapist or a gall stone. Every single object on display is anonymous, and has a short description of the item related to the relationship that was behind. That’s why it could be therapeutic for those with newly broken hearts.”

So, what would you donate to the Museum of Broken Relationships?

Check it out at

But broken relationships don’t always have to be romances.

A few weeks ago I met up with someone I used to work with. Our kids are the same age. I left work after my youngest was born, she moved to Glasgow with her family. We did keep in touch for a while but as the kids grew up we both started working again and just didn’t seem to have the time for our friendship.

My uncle’s wife’s sister didn’t come to her funeral. They hadn’t spoken in years but I still thought it unnatural that she wasn’t there.

So, what memories do you have from a broken relationship? What memories would your character have? What objects do you/your character have squirreled away that link to a broken relationship?

And how can you use them in your writing?!

Janice Johnston

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